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A collaborative research tool to enable innovators in the national security ecosystem

Athena for Partners

The Future of Innovation


Athena is a collaborative research tool built to enable warfighters, researchers, engineers, senior leaders, and professionals across the DOD, academia and industry to share expertise and resources across organizational boundaries as they rapidly solve problems.

The Naval Postgraduate School is a natural nexus and a global hub for the innovative collaboration across these organizations. As NPS transforms physically with the Naval Innovation Center, Athena as the virtual element is expanding outward and leveraging a suite of collaborative tools to support highly distributed teams and partners. Athena enables discovery of completed research, ongoing research and potential topics for future research.

Strategic Need

Technological innovation is the competitive edge for the United States in the rapidly evolving global security landscape. The DOD must connect with and engage the top talent across government, industry and academia in order to accelerate the identification and adoption of innovative ideas needed to win in an increasingly complex security environment.

"Athena is an extremely exciting tool that will allow for much needed connection on real-time efforts across the DOD. Athena will be a game changer for the DOD."

- Capt. Emily Hastings, USMC, NPS '23

  • Priorities for your community, your command, and your service

  • Research that has been done, is being done, and should be done

  • Research, tools, data, subject matter experts, and other critical resources

Our Partners

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